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KIDS/FEMALES SUP Marlin SUP are made from rugged UV-stabilized Fortiflex Linear Polyethylene, extremely durable, dent-resistant material that will last for years to come. Everyone from Fitness enthusiast to fishermen’s will enjoy the Marlin SUP. The Marlin SUP allows standing and sitting positions. 50% off sale now only $299 Why Buy MARLIN SUP ? 1- New Technology Fortiflex Linear Polyethylene makes the Marlin SUP extremely robust durable dent resistant compared to Foam or Fiberglass Boards. 2- Superior stability and extra features not found on conventional Fiberglass and Foam SUP Dimensions: 240cm x 76cm x 16cm • Weight: 11kg • Capacity: 60kg • Linear polyethylene • UV stabilized • Tracks and paddles with ease while offering maximum stability • Non-slip foot pads

Marlin SUP, Stand up paddle boards

Marlin Sup, stand up paddle boards

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