Hiring a Caravan vs Camper Trailer

Thinking of hiring a Caravan or Camper Trailer for your next holiday but not sure which Rv will be right for you?

We go though some of the factors to consider to help you make the best choice.

What tow vehicle do you have?

Depending on what type of vehicle you have often plays a big part in which caravans or camper trailers are available for you to tow.

If you have a smaller SUV or sedan, typically you will need to consider some thing that is lighter weight. You may consider a soft floor camper trailer which is around 1500kgs, a pop top camper such as a Jayco swan at around 1500-1700kgs or we have a range of European caravans like an Adria that are generally under 200kgs.

If you have a dual cab ute or larger 4x4, you may want to look at some of our outback caravans or camper trailers. Generally these vehicles have a higher ground clearance and choosing a Rv of similar height will help make it tow better.

You could consider one of our EzyTrail off road camper trailers or our Jayco Expanda Outback caravans to hire with this type of vehicle.

Where is my destination?

Destination can play a huge factor in which RV is right for your next hire, here is some things to consider:

If you are headed to an off road or beach location you may want to consider one of our off road camper trailers. These campers are designed for this type of trip with independent suspension, higher ground clearance, and a more compact size for maneuverability. Most of our off road campers are also set up to run off the grid, giving you the opportunity to stay longer at your chosen destination.

If you are chasing a bit more luxury and have some more experience towing a caravan, you can consider one of our off road caravans. These will provide you with more space and quicker setup. Just remember it is sometimes not as easy to reach your camp site with these bigger RV's

If the caravan park is more up you alley, we have a fantastic range of either pop top campers or caravans. All are set up so you can roll up to your site and plug into the power and water. All our caravans are set up with air conditioning and entertainment system. Most of them have en suites for that added touch of camping luxury.

How many people do I need to sleep?

At Adventure Shack we have a huge variety of Caravans, Camper trailers and motor homes for you to choose from.

If you are a couple looking for an adventure weekend, there a a few options we would recommend. You could look at one of or forward fold hard floor camper trailers, typically these have a queen size bed at one end, a dining area at the other and have annexes out the front for extra living area.

We also have some luxury 2 berth caravans for hire in our fleet. Generally because these don't need the extra room for beds, you gain a full size en suite for that extra bit of comfort. Also these caravans are often smaller making them lighter and easier to tow.

If a family trip is more what you need, we have plenty of options for you too. In camper trailers we have several pop top campers such as the Jayco Swan or Eagle, these have great bedding layouts with the ability to sleep up to 6 people. They still have many features of a full size caravans but pack up to a much smaller size for towing.

If a caravan is more what you have in mind, we have 2 different types for you to consider. Firstly there our our Jayco Expanda Caravans, these can sleep up to 8 but still manage to have an en suite as well. Due to their expanding components, these caravans also pack down to a smaller size for towing.

Lastly is our hard body family caravans, all are configured with a queen size island bed at one end and triple bunks at the back. These vans also have the full size en suit to make getting the family ready easier. Whilst these vans are larger to tow, set up is super fast this mean making the most of your next trip.

Having Brisbane's largest range of luxury Caravans, camper trailers, 4x4s and motor home for hire, we have some thing to suit your needs. If you like more information on which RV will suit your next trip feel free to call into our Brisbane show room or call us on 0738233520, one of our expert staff will be more than happy to help you make the right choice.

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