Caravan Awning Vinyl Looking A Bit Tired?

Over the years one of the main features of our Caravans that really starts to show wear is our awning. Through years of sun, wind and rain the awning vinyl can often start to fade, stretch, crack or even tear. Not only does this stop it from effectively keeping the weather off our head, it also affect the aesthetics of the whole caravan.

In the past it has been difficult or costly to have this replaced and often ended up in having to replace the entire awning roll. Though our years of hiring Caravans and Camper trailers we have had to replace many awnings, when in fact we could have just replaced the vinyl if it had been available. So we decided to find a better way....

We are now offering DIY caravan awning vinyl replacement kits. These kits allow you to easily replace your existing awning with a nice new vinyl. All the vinyls are made to order and offer 5 colour choices. This also allows you to update your caravan's colour scheme at the same time!

The vinyl is made from a multi layer, UV stabilised material and comes with a 12 month warranty.

If you are not feeling handy enough to install yourself, Adventure Shack offers both workshop and mobile Caravan servicing and would be more than happy to assist installing new awning vinyls.

Feel free to check them out in our online store or give us a call on 0738233520

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