Top tips for setting up at a caravan park site

The day has finally arrived. You’ve gathered your loved ones, the van is packed and you’re finally on the road to the perfect destination. You pull up at the caravan park at your chosen location but what next? How can you ensure you get the most out of your stay? Setting up your site is the key to a perfect holiday, so let’s rewind a bit. Do you have everything you need? Preparation is key to a successful trip. Some essential items you will need to consider are towing mirrors and a brake controller system if towing, wheel ramps, a decent tool kit for adjustments and repairs, safety gear (think a fire extinguisher, fire blanket and first aid kit), water in your tanks, gas in your gas bottles, and toilet chemicals if you plan on using your on-board toilet. Are you familiar with the workings of your caravan or motorhome? Consider a trial run. Run through your set-up prior to your trip. Practice hitching up, wind down the stabilising legs, set up and pack up the awning, get familiar with your power and gas systems along with the workings of your fridge, cooker, tanks, hot water and toilet systems. Check out the internet for a plethora of video tutorials. Once you are familiar with your set-up, life is a whole lot easier! When you booked the site at your chosen caravan park, did you let them know the size of your caravan or motorhome? If not, make sure you call ahead to discuss whether the site is suitable. Also worth checking is whether access to the site suits your driving experience, particularly if you need to reverse. If you are unsure, perhaps request a drive through site to make life easy. Alternatively, some lovely park operators may do the reversing for you – just ask! And what about the site itself - is it a concrete, artificial grass, grass, dirt or sand site? Asking this question helps inform what you need to pack. Now, to set up a successful site! Use a bubble level gauge to make sure you’re absolutely level. This is where your wheel ramps c