Caravan and Camper trailer Servicing and Maintenance 

Adventure Shack has is now offering servicing, maintenance and repair of Camper Trailers and Caravans. We now have a range of parts and accessories available at our Chandler show room. 

Call our office now on 0738233520 or email for more informaiton

Basic Service:

single axle service $130 plus parts,

dual axle $260 plus parts



bearing repack,


brake adjusted

adjust handbrake


lubricate all points

Comprehensive  Service

single axle service $250 plus parts,

dual axle $320 plus parts


Includes Inspect tyres tread and wear

Inspect rims for damage

Check pressures and adjust if required

Correctly torque wheel nuts

Repaint hubs if required

Check coupling and adjust if required

Lubricate coupling

Check suspension and mounts

Grease all nipples

Repaint suspension and axles if required

Grease jockey wheel

Lubricate corner stays

Adjust handbrake

Adjust brakes

Inspect electric brake magnets

Inspect brake shoes

Clean brake backing plate

Check emergency override battery

Check wheel bearing for signs of wear

Repack and reseal bearings

Refit and tighten wheel hub

Check all running lights for operation

Check all appliances are operating correctly

Check all part of awning are working

Lubricate joints on awning

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Adventure Shack, South Brisbane

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Ph:07 3823 3520